Terms & Conditions


Availability of the products

All product orders are subject to availability of the same. Along this line, if there are difficulties regarding the supply of products or there are no more items left in stock, we reserve the right to provide you with information on substitute products of the same quality and/or value that you may like to order. If you do not wish to order the substitute products, we will refund the relative amount that you may have paid. 

Pricing and Quantity

We may change our pricing, product description or specifications after any confirmation e-mail for an order placed or confirmed, but prior to shipment, due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuation or unavailability, typographical errors, or any other reason. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any item sold, or prohibit a sale altogether.

Refusal to Process an order

We reserve the right to remove any product from this website at any time and to remove or modify any material or content from the same. Although we will always do everything possible to process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that forces us to refuse to process an order after having sent the order confirmation, and we reserve the right o do so at anytime.

We shall not be liable to you or to any third party for removing any product from this website for removing or modifying any material or content from the website, or not processing an order once we have sent the order confirmation.


The photos are all authentic that we took them ourselves. Please kindly note that there may be inevitable inaccuracy due to the shooting conditions. The images shown may vary with different monitors/devices as well.

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